Terms and conditions

The present terms & conditions apply to short stays, SOS Appart stays, discovery stays, hotel stays, wellness stays and corporate stays.

  1. All contracts begin upon acceptance of the offer sent by Relais d’Or Gestion SA to the client by return e-mail, verbal agreement or return mail.
  2. The booking of the stay/accommodation is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of at least 30% of the total amount of the stay in the bank account of Relais d’Or Gestion SA. In the meantime, the booking remains provisional and Relais d’Or Gestion SA reserves the right to allocate the accommodation to another client if the amount is not paid.
  3. Prices are all expressed in Swiss Francs – CHF – all taxes included, except for the city tax.
  4. Prices are subject to local taxes and sales taxes. VAT is included in the price of the stay.
  5. It is clear that all stays are one-off and of short duration. No domiciliation is authorized at the establishment’s address. A maximum stay of 6 months is allowed upon express written request for contracts qualified as “SOS Apartments”.
  6. In accordance with the tourism law, the client is obliged to pay a city tax per person and per day. We would like to point out that the client is liable to prosecution in case of non-payment of the tax. The tax will be invoiced to you by Relais d’Or Gestion SA in addition to the price of the stay in accordance with the law related.
  7. In case of arrival on a weekend or holiday, please contact the residence to confirm your arrival one week in advance to organize the handover of the keys. The total amount of the stay must be paid on the day of arrival at the latest. Please note that most credit cards are accepted except for Postcard.
  8. Arrivals are from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  9. Departures are at 10:00 am. Any departure after this time will result in an additional charge. Early departure does not entitle the guest to any discount or refund, even partial.
  10. The stay must be guaranteed by a compulsory liability insurance, otherwise a guarantee of

500 CHF will be requested for any rental beyond 7 days.

  1. The accommodation must be left clean and tidy at the end of the stay. The garbage must be correctly sorted and emptied in the dedicated areas of the residence.
  2. The customer agrees to report to Relais d’Or Gestion SA, any problem or malfunction within 24h of arrival. The customer

will be held responsible for any damage caused, theft, infractions, or non-compliance with the rules during his stay.

  1. According to our conditions, an outside parking space is available for you. Please put the sticker in a visible place inside your vehicle when it is parked on our pitches. Otherwise, please refer to the instructions at the time clock.
  1. Cancellation Policy:

  • Flexible Rate:
    The client may cancel his reservation free of charge up to 5 days before arrival. The client will have to pay the full amount of the reservation if he/she cancels within 5 days before arrival. If the client does not show up, he/she will have to pay the total amount of the reservation. No prepayment is required.

  • Non-refundable rate:
    The client must pay the full amount of the reservation if he/she cancels at any time. The client must pay the total amount of the reservation in advance at any time.
  1. In case of cancellation for extraordinary reasons (pandemics, etc…) preventing the holding of the stay for the following reasons, the stay will not be refunded but will be transferable to other dates at no cost and at the price initially agreed upon:
  2. Government-imposed quarantine on arrival or departure from Switzerland.
  3. Closure of the borders between the country of departure and Switzerland.
  4. Social, cultural, sporting activities or gatherings prohibited by government decision.
  5. All bookings made within 30 days of departure must be paid in full upon confirmation.
  6. Once the accommodation is confirmed, the bookings cannot be changed.
  7. The number of the accommodation is non-contractual and Relais d’Or Gestion SA reserves the right to allocate the accommodation of its choice to the client as long as it is of a standard equivalent to the client’s initial request or superior.
  8. The rental price includes utilities (water, electricity, and heating). Other services are specified in the offer received according to the type of stay selected.
  9. In case of participation in the activities, the client commits himself to respect the procedure and the times specified for each activity. An additional fee may be charged depending on the type of activity organized.
  10. During his stay the client agrees to respect the rules of the building. It is forbidden to make noise after 10:00 pm. The Swiss laws on the subject are in force.
  11. It is forbidden to smoke in the residence except in the areas indicated for this purpose. Clients who do not respect the rules will be asked to leave the premises. Early departure does not entitle the client to any discount or refund, even partial, of the rental. In addition, a cleaning fee of 300 CHF will be charged in case of violation.
  12. The client is obliged to respect the local waste and parking requirements.
  13. Customers with pets are responsible for the good behavior of their pets in the building and for ensuring that no problems of cleanliness or cohabitation occur, either inside or outside the Residence. Failure to comply with this article is punishable by a fine of 300 CHF and may result in an early departure from the residence. Early departures do not give the right to any discount or refund, even partial, of the stay.
  14. The accommodations do not have kitchen supplies. The client is responsible for providing all necessary supplies for the duration of the stay. The clients take back their supplies at the time of departure. It is forbidden to leave personal supplies in the apartment.

The customer can be fined 150 CHF if this is not respected.

  1. The client, by coming to Relais d’Or Gestion SA, assures that he/she is autonomous and that his/her state of health allows him/her to spend his/her stay in the best conditions. If medical or paramedical assistance is required, the lessee assures that he/she has taken the necessary steps beforehand. The client releases Relais d’Or Gestion SA from any responsibility for any damage and understands that the residence is neither an EMS nor a health care facility.
  2. In case of force majeure: natural disasters, climatic or political upheavals or any other nuisance due to construction work, private or public demonstrations, or any other event beyond the control of Relais d’Or Gestion SA, no request will entitle the customer to financial compensation or services.
  3. Within the framework of the activities and events organized by Relais d’Or Gestion SA, sound recordings, photographs and videos may be made and used by Relais d’Or Gestion SA for the purpose of presenting Relais d’Or and its residents by using the material produced for communication purposes on our various communication channels. Any refusal must be notified in writing to Relais d’Or Gestion SA.

29. For any disagreement concerning the execution or non-execution of the present conditions, the court of law of the district of Monthey shall be the competent court.

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