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If you’re looking to add something special to your stay, why not treat yourself to a day at Fort de Chillon? Just a twenty-minute drive from Alp Art Hotel, or a short hour by public transport, this place steeped in history awaits you for an enriching getaway full of surprises.

Adventure on the Vaud Riviera

As soon as you arrive, the Fort de Chillon presents itself as a life-size playground. Imagine immersing yourself in interactive adventures where virtual reality brings puzzles and historical stories to life. Every corner of the fort seems to tell a story, immersing you ever more deeply in the world of the Swiss soldiers of yesteryear.

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Winter skiing Swiss Alps - Alp Art Hotel

A journey through time

The tour is not limited to cutting-edge technology. It also takes you on a journey through Switzerland’s military history. The exhibits detail the soldiers’ daily lives with an authenticity that almost makes you forget the present, while the defense strategies unveiled will enrich your understanding of Swiss military ingenuity.

Fort de Chillon - Alp Art Hotel

Gourmet break at the Bistrot du Soldat

After so many adventures, the Bistrot du Soldat invites you to relax. In this small 24-seat restaurant, the chef stages seasonal cuisine served in bowls, echoing the traditional meals of soldiers. Each dish, elegantly revisited, promises not only a treat for the taste buds, but also an immersion in history.

Swiss Raclette - Alp Art Hotel
Swiss fondue - Alp Art Hotel

Boutique treasure hunt

Finish your visit by exploring the boutique, located in the fort’s former ammunition store, and admire its vaulted ceiling over 5 meters high.

The store offers a variety of unique souvenirs, from unusual military items to strategy and entertainment games, as well as a selection of specialist literature.

To sum up…

A visit to Fort de Chillon is a captivating journey through history, adventure, gastronomy and shopping, all in an absolutely spectacular setting. Don’t wait any longer to book your stay at Alp Art Hotel and prepare to explore one of Switzerland’s most enchanting fortresses.

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